820 Main Street, Kangaroo Point

820 Main Street, Kangaroo Point

Façade upgrade works at Woolloongabba TE


Woolloongabba Telephone Exchange, a 15 storey commercial building, is located on the corner of Main and Linton Streets, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane. The building was constructed in 1974.

In 2013 a condition assessment of the building’s façade found significant degradation of the building’s precast panels and concrete in situ walls due to weathering such that pieces of concrete and some elements of the building had become dislodged and fallen off.

The condition of the building posed significant maintenance and public safety issues. Their recommendation was that urgent steps be taken to carry out rectification works.


In general terms the works involved:
  • Maintaining the operation and security of the Exchange at all times.
  • Erection of various gantries to ensure public safety. The gantries were installed and dismantled progressively as the façade rectification moved around the building.
  • Replacing sealant (caulking) to all precast panels, and the perimeter of all window, louvre and door openings.
  • Concrete cracks and spalls rectification including cutting back the extremities of repair locations, demolishing cracked concrete areas, cleaning, priming and treating corroded steel.
  • Window and louvre flashing rectification including provision of anodised aluminium flashing where missing or requiring replacement.
  • Coating rectification work including removal of existing coatings by three stage cleaning to ensure no residues prior to painting.
  • Coating application work including application of a prime sealer to concrete surfaces, followed by the application of two coats weatherproofing anti-carbonation protective coating.


Some interesting facts relating to the scale of the concrete repairs:

  • 17m3 of material was removed and reinstated (an average tip truck is approximately 8 to 10m3)
  • 1,700 20kg bags of repair material used or 35 pallets
  • 14,000m2 of coating applied or 4,700 16 litre tins of paint
  • 8,500lm of joint sealant used or 10,00 tubes

In summary, we are proud to say we have successfully delivered a superior quality product to our customer, safely without incident.

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